Can Snake Really Be Charmed

Last Updated on January 5, 2021 by Neil Mackengie

All of us have seen pictures of“snake charmers” blowing on some musical instrument, while a snake rises up and seems to “dance” to the music.

Can Snake Really Be Charmed

What Is Really Happening?

The truth is that the “snake charmer” is not charming the snake at all! He is just putting on a show to make people believe that his music is making the snake perform.

To begin with, snakes are deaf, so they cannot even hear the music he is playing! But snakes can pick up vibrations with great sensitivity. Even when they lie in a basket if there are any vibrations in the ground near they notice them and respond.

What the snake charmer does, therefore, is to tap the basket or stamp on the ground,  pretending he is merely keeping time to The snake reacts to this vibration. The snake charmer also moves his body constantly, and the snake “dances” because of these movements the man makes. In fact, what the snake is doing is keeping its eyes fixed on the man, and as he moves, it moves so as to keep him right before its eyes!

How Do You Get A Snake To Let Go Of You?

Pour some vodka, rum, or other high-proof alcohol on your hand near the snake’s snout so that a little bit of it gets in their mouth.

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