Differences between Baptists vs Methodists

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Baptists and Methodists are two denominations of Christianity that have many similarities, but also have several key differences. Both groups emphasize the Bible as the authoritative source of faith and doctrine, and both place a strong emphasis on personal salvation. However, Baptists traditionally hold to more Calvinist theology, while Methodists are more Arminian in their beliefs. Additionally, Baptists typically baptize infants, while Methodists believe that baptism is for believers only. These are just a few examples of how these two denominations differ. Despite their differences, however, both Baptists and Methodists share a common commitment to Christ and His gospel message.

One of the main distinctions between Baptists and Methodists is their view on salvation. Baptists believe that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to receive salvation, while Methodists believe that good works are also necessary for salvation. Another difference lies in their historical backgrounds. Baptists trace their origins back to John Calvin in the 16th century, while Methodism began with John Wesley in the 18th century.

Comparison between Baptists and Methodists

Parameters of ComparisonBaptistsMethodists
BibleStrong emphasis is on the bibleStrong emphasis is on the bible
BelieveBaptists believe that salvation is through faith aloneMethodists believe that salvation can be attained through faith and works
ExpressionBaptism is seen as an outward expression of the inward change in Baptist churchesit’s more about being cleansed from sin in Methodist churches
BishopsThere are no bishops or archbishops in Baptist churchesthere are bishops in Methodist churches 
ServicesIn Baptist Church services, the pastor leads worship by preaching to a congregation seated togetherMethodist church services tend to be led by lay people who may stand up at different points during the service to lead prayer or read scripture passages aloud 

What are Baptists?

Baptists are a Protestant denomination that traces its origins to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. They are distinctive for holding to the practice of baptism by immersion. Baptists also adhere to the doctrine of soul competency, which holds that each person is responsible for his or her salvation. This makes Baptists one of the more evangelical-minded Christian denominations. Today, there are around 41 million Baptists worldwide.

Baptists are Christians who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. They have a deep sense of conviction that they have been saved by grace through faith and not by any good deeds or works. They don’t believe in infant baptism, which is why it’s called believers’ baptism. Baptism is symbolic of the believer being buried with Christ and raised to walk a new life in Him (Romans 6:4). The Baptist denomination was founded on the principle that every person has direct access to God without an intermediary like a priest or minister because he created us all (Genesis 1:27). This means that each person can be saved without following rituals or traditions. It also means there is no need for priests, preachers.

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What are Methodists?

Methodists are people who follow the teachings of John Wesley. They follow a strict moral code that is based on Christian principles and traditions. Methodism has many similarities to other religions like Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Presbyterianism but it also has some major differences. 

Methodists believe in the importance of good works as well as faith; they also have an emphasis on social justice with their slogan “Do all the good you can.” The Methodist Church was founded by John Wesley in 1738 at Aldersgate Street in London after he had become dissatisfied with the Church of England because they were not doing anything about slavery or poverty. Methodist churches today are located all over the world including Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America.

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10 Differences between Baptists and Methodists

1. Baptists are more likely to live in the south, while Methodists are more spread out.

2. Baptists believe that baptism should be performed by immersion while Methodists believe it can be done through sprinkling or pouring.

3. Baptism is a requirement for being saved in Baptist churches but not in Methodist churches.

4. Methods have formalized liturgies and prayers which they use during worship services, whereas Baptists do not have any set prayers.

5. The Bible is the central text of the Methodist church, but there are no specific texts required for members of Baptist churches.

6. There are many different types of baptisms within Methodism including infant baptism, believer’s baptism (infant), believer’s baptism (adult), and confirmation.

7. Baptists believe in predestination, Methodists do not.

8. Baptists believe that the Bible is infallible, while Methodists interpret it differently.

9. Baptismal candidates are immersed in water by a Baptist minister, but only sprinkled with water by Methodist ministers.

10. A Baptist minister wears a robe and collar to symbolize their authority over the congregation; Methodist ministers wear suits or dress pants without jackets.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Baptists

1. Baptists are the largest Protestant denomination in America.

2. There are approximately 16 million Baptists in America.

3. The first Baptist church was founded by a man named Roger Williams.

4. A majority of American Baptists believe that salvation is achieved through faith alone, not good deeds or works.

5. The most famous Baptist preacher was Martin Luther King Jr., who led the civil rights movement and preached non-violence as a means to achieve justice for all people.

6. In contrast to Protestants, many Baptists believe that baptism should be performed as soon as possible after birth because it is an outward sign of one’s new life in Christ.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Methodists

1. Methodists are the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.

2. The first Methodist Church was founded by John Wesley, an Anglican minister, and theologian, in 1739.

3.  There are more than 40 million Methodists worldwide.

4. In recent years, there has been a decline in membership among younger people within the church.

5. The most famous Methodist is former President George W Bush who converted to Christianity after being elected governor of Texas in 1994.

6. One of America’s oldest universities is named after John Wesley – it’s called Washington & Lee University and was established in 1749.


Baptists and Methodists have a lot of differences. For one, Baptists believe in free will while the Methodist church believes that people are predestined for heaven or hell before they were born. In addition to this, Baptists do not baptize infants because they believe it is wrong to force someone into Christianity. They also reject any form of liturgy which includes ritualistic practices such as kneeling at communion time and remembering saints during prayer times. Finally, both churches use different types of music–Methodist hymns are more upbeat whereas Baptist songs tend to be slower-paced with a calming effect on listeners. It’s fascinating how two religions can differ so much.


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