Why Do We Have Gravestones

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Thousands and thousands of years ago, the primitive man started the custom of using a headpiece of stone to mark the grave of the dead. If we observe what many primitive people do today, and it is done for the same reasons, then the custom seemed to have this purpose: to keep the evil spirits that are supposed to live in dead bodies from rising up!

Why Do We Have Gravestones

The gravestone was also a way of warning people away from the spot where those evil spirits lived. Over the centuries, of course, the purpose of a gravestone changed. The Greek ornamented their gravestones with sculpture. The Hebrews marked their graves with stone pillars, The Egyptians built great tombs and pyramids to mark the places where their dead were buried.

When Christianity appeared, the of graves became a common practice. Christianity took over the sign of the cross and ring, which to primitive people was a symbol of the sun. Later on, this was changed to a simple cross, and it is still used today.

Types Of grave Markers

1. Grave markers are flat bronze plaques installed on a granite stone base for the purpose of identifying the deceased.

2. Burial headstones are upright granite monuments for the same identification purpose.

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