Why Do Brides Wear A Veil

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There are many different stories concerning how this custom began. All of them go back to very ancient times. We know that among many ancient peoples it was the custom to keep the bride hidden from her future husband until the wedding day. This was true in Egypt, where the groom never saw the face of his bride until the wedding day!

Why Do Brides Wear A Veil

Part of the wedding ceremony was the uncovering of her face. This was also in existence among the Arabs, the Hindus, and other peoples of Asia and Europe. The early Romans and Hebrews also made the veil a part of the wedding ceremony.

Some of these veils were so big that they enveloped the bride like a shroud. In fact, after the wedding, the veil was put away and taken out only when the woman was ready to be buried in it. Today, of course, the reason a bride wears a veil is simply to make the wedding more romantic and attractive. It is a symbol of her loneliness and modesty!

Should A Bride Wear A Veil?

There’s no law that says a bride must wear a wedding veil.

What does a wedding veil signify now?

Answer- Unlike in years past, women around the world largely view the wedding veil as a contemporary bridal tradition that signifies innocence and purity. What’s more, some women simply see it as a wedding-specific accessory and view wearing one as a rite of passage.

WHO lifts the veil of the bride?

Answer- the father of the bride

What does lifting the veil symbolize?

Answer- When you lift the veil from something or someone, you reveal what is behind it. … So figuratively, it means to uncover some private or secret thing.

Should a bride wear a veil?

Answer- There’s no law that says a bride must wear a wedding veil.

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