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There are few animals that depend on flying for moving about as much as a bat does. While birds and insects fly, too, they can manage to walk about if they have to. But the limbs and feet of a bat are not suited to walking. Which means they also cannot stand easily. So when a bat is in its roost, the easiest thing for it to do is to hang on, head down! The bat does a great many things that are quite remarkable.


To begin with, the bat is a mammal the only mammal that can fly. The young are born alive and feed on milk from the mother. When the young are very small, the mother may carry them with her when she goes hunting! mats are nocturnal, which means they are active during the night and sleep during the day.

Since they have to hunt for their food, you would imagine that bats would need exceptionally good eyesight. But actually, bats do not depend on their eyes forgetting about. When bats fly, they utter a series of very high-pitched sounds. These sounds are too high to be heard by the human ear.

The echoes from these sounds are thrown back to the bat when it is in flight. The bat can tell whether the echo came from an obstacle near by or far away, and can change its course in flight in time to avoid hitting the obstacle!

Most people think all bats behave more or less the same way,  but since there are more than 2,000 kinds of bats, you can see why this is not so there are bats with a 15-centimeter wingspread and bats with a wingspread of nearly 2 meters.

Do Bats Attack Humans?

Bats are by nature gentle animals. They do not attack people. People get into trouble with bats when they attempt to pick them up. Any wild animal is going to act defensively when someone attempts to pick it up.

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