Where Did Plants Come From? (Interesting Facts on Flower and Plants)

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According to the theories of science & Botany, there was a time when there were no plants on earth. Then, hundreds of millions of years ago, tiny specks of protoplasm appeared on the earth. Protoplasm is the name for the living material that is found in both plants and animals. These original specks of protoplasm, according to this theory, were the beginnings of all our plants and animals.

The protoplasm specks that became plants developed thick walls and settled down to stay in one place. They also developed a kind of green coloring matter known’ as “chlorophyll”. This enabled them to make food from substances in the air, water, and soil.

Where Did Plants Come From

These early green plants had only one cell, but they later formed groups of cells. Since they had no protection against drying out, they had to stay in the water. Today, some descendants of these original plants still survive, though they have changed quite a bit. We call them  “algae”.

One group of plants developed that obtained their food without the use of chlorophyll. These non-green plants are the “fungi”.

Most of the plants on earth today evolved the algae. Some of them came out of the sea and developed rootlets that could anchor them in the soil. They also developed little leaves with an outer skin covering, as protection against drying. These plants became mosses and ferns.

All the earliest plants reproduced either by simple cell division or by means of spores. Spores are little dustlike cells something like seeds, but containing no stored food in them as seeds do. As time went on, some of these plants developed flowers that produced true seeds.

Two different types of plants with seeds appeared; those with naked seeds and those with protected seeds. Each of these two types later developed along many different lines.

Types of Plants Available On This Planet Earth (Infographic)

According to ZMEScience; plants are grouped in 12 different phyla.

Types of Plants
Image – Zmescience


How did the first plant appear on Earth?

Some people say that the first plant on Earth was the “Tree of Life” which was a fern that’s spores landed on the seafloor tens of millions of years ago. Others say that the first plant was a simple-looking moss that appeared on the side of a hill. What you believe will probably differ from the beliefs of the average person, but that doesn’t stop the world from being fascinated by the origins of life.

When did plant life begin on Earth?

Life on Earth had to have started much earlier than we once believed—which means that the Earth’s plants and animals had to evolve prior to the moment that life first appeared. But exactly when did the first plants and animals first take shape? That’s a difficult question to answer since all life on Earth is so closely linked. In fact, all plants and animals are made from the same building blocks of DNA. In the end, the best way to determine this momentous event is to look deep into the Earth itself.

What was the first flower on earth?

In the early 1900s a single seed from a flowering plant found in Peru was sent to the US for study. The seed was eventually germinated, and scientists found it had been grown from a very early stage of the plant’s evolution, and described it as “a primitive ancestor of all flowering plants”. It was nicknamed the “ancient seed”.

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