Differences Between Star Wars and Star Trek

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It is said that people can be divided into two groups: those who love Star Wars and those who love Star Trek. Those who love Star Wars think that the movies and stories are exciting and action-driven, much like a really good adventure movie. The characters are heroic, and they kill the bad guys in dramatic ways. Those who love Star Trek, on the other hand, say that the TV series was more about philosophical questions than action sequences.

There are many differences between the two franchises, but the most glaring difference is that one is set in a far-off galaxy and the other in space. The Star Wars franchise has been around for over 40 years and has become iconic. The Star Trek franchise only came into being in 1966 and was canceled after just 3 seasons.

Comparison between Star wars and star trek

Parameters of Comparison  Star warsStar trek  
FranchiseMovie franchiseTV Show franchise
FictionStar Wars is a science fictionStar Trek is a pseudo-science fiction.
SettingHave different settingHave different setting
Iconic characters.    Have iconic charactersHave iconic characters


What is Star Wars?

Star Wars is much more than your average sci-fi film about space travel. George Lucas originally started the franchise as a way to pass down memories of old movies and comic books to his children. What emerged was an epic story about the fight between good and evil, with plenty of humor thrown in along the way.

The Star Wars universe is a universe that was created by George Lucas in the late 1970s. It consists of 6 released films, 3 released prequels, and 5 announced sequels. The universe is set in a galaxy, millennia after the destruction of the Galactic Republic. It focuses on the Skywalker family’s fight against Anakin Skywalker’s grandson Kylo Ren and his allies, the First Order.
George Lucas began developing what would become Star Wars in 1973.

Star Wars is one of the most famous sagas, which has captured the imaginations of many people for decades. The story is about the struggle between good and evil, with Luke Skywalker being the hero who was prophesized to destroy the Sith. Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but it has crossed over into everyday life.

Differences Between Star Wars and Star Trek

What is star trek?

Star Trek is an American science fiction and fantasy franchise that was created by Gene Roddenberry. The original television series ran from 1966-1969 and included a new cast and crew each season. It followed the adventures of the crew aboard the starship USS Enterprise, which explored space, often coming into contact with alien forces that attempted to interfere with their missions. Star Trek has been revived in the form of four additional series, including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.

What is Star Trek? A television show that aired in the 1960s, that’s what. The show was created by Gene Roddenberry, who said he wanted to create a “Wagon Train to the stars.” The show followed Captain James T. Kirk, who served aboard the starship USS Enterprise along with his crew; they were often involved in conflicts with the Klingons and Romulus.

Star Trek is a sci-fi television series that aired in the late 1960s and offered an optimistic view of Earth’s future. The show followed the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk, his crew, and their ship named Enterprise, as they explored space and sought new lifeforms and civilizations. The show was revolutionary for its use of special effects, usually, one per episode to produce more believable and dramatic tales than in the previous series such as “The Twilight Zone.

Differences Between Star Wars and Star Trek

10 Differences between Star wars and star trek

1. Star Wars is a movie franchise and star trek is a TV Show franchise.

2. They both have different stories.

3. Star wars is science fiction, and star trek is pseudo-science fiction.

4. They both have a different setting.

5. There are also many iconic characters.

6. The star wars universe is based on space, while the star trek universe is based on space travel.

7. Star wars is more space opera style, while star trek is more dramatic.

8. There are also many iconic characters.

9. They both have different types of battles.

10. Star wars is based on the Force and star trek is based on technology.

Interesting Statistics or Facts Of Star wars

1. Star wars have been around for more than 40 years.

2. Star wars was at first a film about a farmer.

3. Star wars has been made for more than $4.5 billion.

4. The actor who played Darth Vader was originally meant to play the hero.

5. The original Star Wars movie was a flop.

6. The original Star Wars film was nominated for several Oscars.

7. The Wookies are based on the Japanese.

8. The Wookies were originally going to be dogs.

9. The director of Star Wars had to use a special camera to film Star Wars.

10. The director of Star Wars designed the star destroyers to look like sea monsters.

Interesting Statistics or Facts Of Star trek

1. The crew on the Enterprise is made up of different nationalities.

2. Tribbles are used as a food source on Risa.

3. Wearing a Redshirt on the Enterprise can be a death sentence.

4. The Klingon language is said backward.

5. Spock doesn’t believe in love.

6. The actor who played Seven of nine was in the shower scene in the movie “Ghost”.

7. The Holodeck of the Enterprise is used to play sports.

8. The ship was destroyed more times than any other ship in the Star Trek series.

9. Spock says “Live long and prosper” when he means “Peace be unto you”.

10. The Omega molecule was used in Star Trek.


In conclusion, Star Trek is a lot more family-friendly than Star Wars. It’s also less violent and has a higher moral compass, so I recommend you watch Star Trek instead of Star Wars if you want a clean space opera.
Star Trek is a lot more family-friendly than Star Wars. It’s also less violent and has a higher moral compass, so I recommend you watch Star Trek instead of Star Wars if you want a clean space opera.


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