Differences Between Ps4 and Ps5

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The new PlayStation 5 is finally here and it’s time to decide which console you want. The PS4 has been the most popular console since its release in 2013, but there are a few reasons why you may want to make the switch. The first difference between the two consoles is that the PS5 comes with 8GB RAM whereas the Ps4 only has 4GB of RAM. This means faster load times, more complex games, and better graphics for players looking for a competitive edge against their opponents. Then all those new features come with this next generation of Playstation including voice controls, VR compatibility, and even social media integration! All these options can be found on your favorite game controller or through an app on your phone.

The new Ps5 is finally out and it’s time to compare the differences between the Ps4 and Ps5. The main difference you’ll notice with the new Playstation 5 is that there are no discs anymore. Every game will be downloaded and played through a cloud service, which Sony says will make games load much faster than before. This also means that you won’t have to buy physical copies of games anymore; instead, they’ll all be digital downloads. Another big change in the Playstation 5 is that it has 8k graphics capabilities, whereas other consoles like Xbox One X only have 4k capabilities (though many gamers say this doesn’t make a huge difference). What do you think about these changes? Let us know by commenting below.

Comparison between Ps4 and Ps5

Parameters of ComparisonPs4Ps5
Hard driveHas hard driveDo not have a hard drive
Elusive gameNo ps4more exclusive games available on Ps5
GraphicsBoth consoles have a similar resolution but Ps5’s graphics are sharper due to its 4K capabilitiesBoth consoles have a similar resolution but Ps5’s graphics are sharper due to its 4K capabilities

What is Ps4?

The Playstation 4, commonly known as the Ps4, is a video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the successor to the Playstation 3 and competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U. The Ps4 was first released in North America on November 15th, 2013. The console has been very successful, selling over 86 million units as of July 2019. Some popular games for the console include Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Spider-Man.

The PS4 is a gaming console and part of the fourth generation of consoles, originally released by Sony in November 2013. The PS4 competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles. As well as being a powerful games machine, it has many other uses such as streaming movies or music to your TV from services like Netflix or Spotify. It also streams live TV channels to your TV, which saves you from having to buy another box like Apple TV for example. This blog will go over what we know about the PS4 so far and how it compares with its rivals: Xbox One and Wii U respectively.

Differences Between Ps4 and Ps5

What is Ps5?

Ps5 is a new and improved version of the PS4. It was released by Sony on September 5, 2019, and features many improvements to the original PS4 design. The Ps5 has an 8-core CPU that allows for smoother gameplay and less lag time between actions, as well as a high-speed graphics engine with 4K resolution support. This console also comes equipped with two USB ports (a 3rd port is located on the controller), which makes it easier to connect your gaming accessories such as headsets or controllers. Alongside this new addition, Sony has also made the Ps5 compatible with Playstation VR so you can experience virtual reality games first hand.

Differences Between Ps4 and Ps5

10 Differences Between Ps4 and Ps5

1. Ps4 is a little bit heavier than the ps5.

2. The ps5 has an upgraded processor that can handle more games at once.

3. Ps4 has one USB port while the ps5 has two ports, which means you can plug in your controller and charge it without having to buy another charger.

4. The PS5’s graphics are much better because it uses 4K resolution.

5. The PS4 only comes with 500GB of memory, but the PS5 comes with 1TB of memory for storing all your favorite games.

6. On the back of the console there is a new HDMI input for connecting other devices like TVs or computers.

7. Ps4 has a controller with an analog stick and d-pad, while Ps5 has a controller with two joysticks.

8. Ps5 can play 4K HDR video content, but Ps4 cannot.

9. The battery life of the Playstation 5 is about 3 hours longer than that of the Playstation 4.

10. The PlayStation 5 will be able to stream games from your computer or console at 1080p resolution.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Ps4

1. The PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console of all time.

2. It has sold over 18 million units since its launch.

3. The PS4 can play DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

4. Over 60% of gamers are female, but only 10% of developers are women.

5. There’s a new controller called “DualShock 4” that features a touchpad and motion sensors.

6. You can use your tablet as a remote control for the PS4 by downloading an app from the Play Store or App Store.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Ps5

1. Ps5 has a ton of new features and improvements.

2. The PS4 Pro is coming out this fall if you’re looking for more power.

3. There are over 100 games planned to release in the next year alone.

4. You can play as Lara Croft or Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. 

5. Destiny 2 is releasing on September 8th.

6. The original Crash Bandicoot trilogy will be remastered and released later this year.


The ps5 is the newest console on the market, and it’s time for you to make up your mind. Are you going with a ps4 or are you waiting until next year? The best way to answer this question would be by asking yourself these questions: -What games do I want to play? If no big titles are coming out soon that interest me, then maybe I should wait until the new consoles come out in 2020. -Do I have enough room for my television stand? Does it work with my current setup at home if they’re not compatible now? This may depend on what type of TV stand/shelving unit setup you currently have instead of just looking at how much space for controllers each has.


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