Differences Between Lucina and Marth

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There are several differences between Lucina and Marth, chief among them being their appearances and fighting styles. Lucina appears more feminine than Marth, with long hair and a dress-like outfit. Her attacks are also slower but deal more damage. Conversely, Marth is lighter and faster with shorter hair, and he uses his sword for quicker attacks. Some players find Lucina to be more powerful overall, while others prefer the style of play that Marth offers. Ultimately it comes down to player preference which character they choose to use in Smash Bros.

There are a few differences between Lucina and Marth that you should be aware of before playing as either character. For one, Lucina’s sword is shorter, which gives her a higher attack speed but makes it harder to hit enemies at a distance. Additionally, her Dolphin Slash move has more range than Marth’s Shield Breaker but does less damage. Finally, Lunina’s Counter ability is stronger than Marth’s; in fact, it can even reflect projectiles at the attacker. Understanding these differences will help you choose the best character for your playstyle.

Comparison between Lucina and Marth

Parameters of Comparison  LucinaMarth
SystemLucina is a princessMarth is royalty
FalchionLucina wields the FalchionMarth has no weapon in his hands
PersonalitiesLucina can be impulsive and short-temperedMarth is calm, collected, and mature
FightLucina fights with gracefulnessMarth relies more on brute force to overwhelm foes
GirlLucina is the daughter of Chrom and TikiMarth is a prince from Altea

What is Lucina?

Lucina is a relatively new programming language that has generated a lot of excitement in the development community. It offers some features that are not available in more traditional languages, such as Python or Java. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Lucina is and how it can benefit your development projects.

Lucina is a mysterious character that has only been seen in a few episodes of the show. What is her role in the show? What is her backstory? These are questions that fans are dying to know the answers to. Some believe she may be connected to the dark force that is always looming over the characters, while others think she may be a more positive force. Only time will tell what Lucina’s true role in the show is.

Differences Between Lucina and Marth

What is Marth?

Marth is a character in the popular Nintendo game, Fire Emblem. He has no special abilities or moves – he can’t fly or shoot lasers out of his eyes. The only thing that makes him unique is that he’s good at sword fighting and uses an anti-magic sword to combat magic users on the battlefield. When it comes time for battle, you’ll want to bring Marth with you because he will be your best fighter if enemies use magic attacks.

Marth is a great example of the many different types of swords in Japanese culture. The sword has been used as a weapon and to signify rank, power, and honor. There are five main types: Murasame, Tachi, Nodachi, Wakizashi, and Katana. Marth is an example of the two-handed longsword type called Nodachi that was popularized by samurai warriors. 

Marth is often mistakenly referred to as a katana due to its similar appearance however it does not exhibit all the characteristics associated with that particular sword such as having no tsuba or crossguard which would make it more likely to be mistaken for a wakizashi or another shorter blade. It also lacks the signature or markings that are traditionally found on the katana.

Differences Between Lucina and Marth

10 Differences Between Lucina and Marth

1. Lucina is a princess while Marth is royalty.

2. Lucina wields the Falchion while Marth has no weapon in his hands.

3. The backgrounds of their respective games are different – one takes place on a peaceful continent and the other on an apocalyptic world.

4. They have different personalities – Marth is calm, collected, and mature while Lucina can be impulsive and short-tempered.

5. Their fighting styles are completely different as well – Lucina fights with gracefulness whereas Marth relies more on brute force to overwhelm foes.

6. Their motivations for fighting are also very different; one wants to save her world from destruction by killing Grima, who was responsible for it all, while the other just wants to restore peace.

7. Lucina is the daughter of Chrom and Tiki.

8. Marth is a prince from Altea.

9. Lucina was born in Ylisse, while Marth was born in Altea.

10. Unlike Marth, who has an older brother named Abel, Lucina only has her father to look up to.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Lucina

1. Lucina is a moon of Uranus.

2. The surface gravity on LUCINA is .8% that of Earth’s.

3. LUCINA orbits the planet in just over 24 hours but rotates once every 10 hours.

4. In 2007, Voyager 2 passed within about 1,200 miles of the moon and took pictures for scientists to study.

5. Scientists have discovered evidence of water ice on the surface and believe it may be liquid water beneath its icy shell.

6. It was first seen by a telescope in 1968 and given its name in 1977.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Marth

1. Marth was a prince of the Kingdom of Altea.

2. He is also known as “The Hero-King” and “The Light of Anri”.

3. His first appearance in the series is as an infant in Book 1, Chapter 2.

4. In this chapter, he and his sister Elice are saved from the destruction wrought by King Dorn’s army by their uncle Cornelius who manages to escape with them on a ship bound for Talys.

5. Marth can be unlocked at the beginning of New Mystery Maps mode after completing it once without using any continuous or bonus maps.

6. However, if you want to unlock him earlier than this then you’ll need to complete Classic Mode without losing a single battle (this will unlock both Marth and Roy).


Lucina and Marth are both great characters, but they each have their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for a character with strong defense or speed, either one of these might be the perfect fit for your tastes. It’s hard to go wrong when picking between two awesome characters.

We hope this brief overview of the differences between Marth and Lucina has been helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about these characters, feel free to explore our website for detailed information on their history, abilities, and appearance. And don’t forget that they are just two of many Fire Emblem heroes available to play as.


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