Differences between Knights Vs Samurai

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The conflict between the two warriors has been around for centuries. The samurai were traditionally Japanese, while knights were typically European. Both of these fighters had their style and strengths, but there are some clear differences between them as well. Knights came to prominence during the Middle Ages in Europe, where they fought on horseback with swords and shields. Samurai emerged from Japan’s feudal period, wielding katanas (a type of sword) or bows and arrows before engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a longsword called a tanto.

The Samurai and the Knight are two of the most iconic warriors in history. The Samurai originated in Japan while the Knight was born out of medieval Europe. They both had different duties, responsibilities, and ways to fight. While they may be similar in some aspects, they also have major differences that make them stand apart from one another. 

Comparison between Knights and Samurai

Parameters of ComparisonKnightsSamurai  
RoleKnights were a more common sight on the battlefieldSamurai had a smaller role
SystemKnights were usually more of a feudal systemSamurai were more independent
RestrictionKnights had to swear allegiance to their lord or king and fight for them in battlessamurai had less restrictions and could decide who they wanted to serve
WeaponSamurai typically carried two swords on their person as opposed to the knight’s one sword The weapons used by knights (such as lances) required some training before use; however, there was no such requirement with samurai weaponry 

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Differences between Knights Vs Samurai

What is Samurai?

Samurai is a term often used in the modern-day to describe a person who is skilled in swordsmanship or someone who is fiercely loyal to their country. The true samurai were of the warrior class in feudal Japan and were known for their honor, courage, and discipline. While samurai are no longer prevalent in Japanese society, they remain an important part of Japan’s history and culture.

Though often misunderstood, samurai were a highly disciplined and professional class of warriors. Serving their lords faithfully for centuries, they remain an integral part of Japanese history and culture. Today, samurai are respected as some of the most skilled fighters in the world. But what exactly is samurai? Let’s take a closer look.

Differences between Knights Vs Samurai

10 Differences between Knights and Samurai

1. Knights were a more common sight on the battlefield, while Samurai had a smaller role.

2. The armor worn by knights was not as heavy as that of Samurai.

3. There is no equivalent to the samurai’s katana in medieval Europe, but knights carried swords and shields.

4. A knight would typically have three horses – one for riding into battle, one for carrying his weapons and armor, and one to carry provisions or additional soldiers.

5. Samurai may have been required to commit suicide if they failed their master in some way.

6. Knights wore distinctive colors so that they could be easily identified during the battle; Samurai often fought without face masks or helmets so it was easier to identify them after death.

7. Samurai were usually more of a noble class than knights.

8. Knights wore heavy armor while samurai did not wear any armor at all.

9. The samurai would use two swords, one for cutting and the other for stabbing, while the knight’s sword was primarily used to cut.

10. Knights had horses which they could ride into battle; samurai traveled on foot only. 

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Knights

1. Knights were the first to use saddles.

2. The word “knight” is derived from the French word for horse, chevalier.

3. A knight’s armor was typically made of boiled leather and metal plates.

4. Knights served as mounted soldiers in battles and tournaments during the Middle Ages.

5. In medieval Europe, knights wore a coat of arms on their shield or surcoat which identified them by name or who they belonged to.

6. In some cases, a knight might have been granted an honorary knighthood by his king or queen.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Samurai

1. Samurai are often depicted as honorable warriors.

2. The term samurai is believed to come from the word “samurai” which means “to serve”.

3. Samurai was skilled in many different arts, including poetry, calligraphy, painting, and playing musical instruments.

4. They would use their swords to cut off the topknot of defeated enemies as a symbol of victory.

5. Japanese women could also be samurai- they were called onna bugeisha or female warriors.

6. Some famous samurai include Miyamoto Musashi (a famous sword fighter), Hattori Hanzo (a ninja who helped Tokugawa Ieyasu become shogun), and Minamoto no Yoshitsune (who was made a general at age 16).


The samurai were the elite warrior class in feudal Japan. They were considered to be above average warriors who served their lords and trained throughout their lives for battle. The word “samurai” roughly translates as “those who serve” but has come to mean “warrior,” specifically those of a noble rank serving either an emperor or shogun during times of peace.  -The knights are one medieval European military order that arose out of the Middle Ages where they fought with swords on horseback against mounted enemies such as enemy knights or soldiers armed with crossbows. Knights would use lances at long range before closing to fight hand-to-hand combat using swords and other weapons including maces, hammers, axes, spears, and flails. 


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