How Much Does It Cost To Get A Rabbit Neutered?

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We must first ensure that you’re using the exact terms and have a common understanding of how this process works.

A surgical procedure used to make it so that male rabbit isn’t able to have children or female rabbits aren’t able to bear babies is referred to by the term “fixing” or having the rabbit modified or fixed.

In the event that female rabbits (called Does) are fixed, they are referred to as spayed.

If male rabbits (called Bucks) are fixed and neutered, this is referred to as Neutered.

how much does it cost to get a rabbit neutered

To spay and neuter your pet for both procedures, the majority of vets recommend waiting until your bunny is at a minimum of six months old prior to getting the procedure. Certain vets will perform the procedure as early as four months old, however, it is best to consult your vet in the area for recommendations.

Spaying is an even more invasive procedure than neutering and, thus, more expensive.

The costs I’ll talk about in the remainder of this article pertain to spaying female rabbits.

The cost of neutering male rabbits will typically be between 10 and 25% lower than spaying female rabbits. It’s a much less disruptive procedure in order to sterilize a male rabbit as opposed to spaying female rabbits.

Rabbit Spaying Cost Varies By Location

We have had rabbit owners across seventeen different States in America provide actual costs for spaying their rabbits.

I looked through the data to find patterns between States and the various regions of the nation. There was, in truth, no discernible trend, other than that area with higher prices in living were also home to higher cost spaying procedures.

There were multiple individuals who reported of the exact same States and, even within the same State, the costs differed widely.

For instance, In our State of Texas, we saw costs at as low as $100 to up to $450!

how much does it cost to get a rabbit neutered

The only general trend I could observe is that getting your pet taken to a vet in a rural location was considerably less expensive than services provided by their city counterparts.

Increased Cost Of Rabbit Alteration By Added Services

Many of the high prices mentioned also contained the fact that the cost included additional services which the rabbit’s owner appeared to think we’re part of the spaying process.

They also included however, they were not only limited in any way, to “a full blood panel” and “additional pain medications”.

Sincerely, I’m not a veterinarian and am not familiar with the other owners’ particular situations. However I’m not certain what extra services are needed.

Two pet owners inform us that the price was higher than anticipated because the vet discovered teeth problems that they decided to treat even though the rabbit was in anesthesia.

Now , I am aware that tooth issues in rabbits can be dangerous and should be treated promptly. I am also aware that anesthesia poses some inherent risks for all living things, therefore, fewer instances of being under anesthesia is a positive thing.

In the future, I’ll let my veterinarian examine my rabbit’s teeth prior to the procedure to ensure that I am sure to approve any additional work prior to the procedure is completed. I would encourage you to take the same approach.

Additionally, ensure that you ensure that your pet is eating plenty of hay. This can help in preventing not just tooth issues and digestive tract problems, but also digestive problems that can cause a costly trip at the veterinarian.

If you’re interested in learning how important it is to feed hay to your pet, here’s an “Getting Your Rabbit To Eat More Hay” article that I wrote.

Is It Necessary To Get Your Rabbit Spayed Or Neutered?

If you’re a thrifty person like me I’m sure you’re experiencing sticker shock right this moment.

You’re probably wondering what it’s worth getting your rabbit checked Let’s take a moment to consider that.

The fix for your rabbit isn’t a necessity but it offers many benefits that are highly desirable and may help avoid some health issues that could be very costly and heartbreaking.

Fixed rabbits are less likely to have behavioral problems (think “marking their territory) and are also less aggressive toward humans and other animals and are not afflicted with health issues that are connected with reproductive organs.

Many people believe that rabbits with fixed teeth have longer lives and I am with them.

They don’t also have litters of newborn rabbits this could be an extremely good thing. Since they do breed as rabbits do. It is up to you to decide on your own, however should you decide to own several rabbits, or your rabbit will freely roam in your home and roam around your home, you must be thinking about it.

However, If your rabbit will be living alone outdoors in an enclosure or a hutch, you could prefer not to have them fixed.

Remember when purchasing rabbits, a bunny that has been fixed already will usually cost more. But, in the longer run, it could be more affordable to purchase upfront instead of having to pay the vet later.

Saving Money On Rabbit Spaying Or Neutering

If you want to find a vet who can neuter or spay your pet for less then you will need to go shopping for a doctor. This means you have to make a few phone calls and ask the vets what they charge.

Make sure you inquire whether the bill includes any other costs or services suggested that could raise the price.

Since the cost to have an animal fixed can vary significantly, before I brought a new rabbit to be repaired, I’d contact every veterinarian within the driving distance. However, I’d ensure that I made contact with specific vet clinics.

To save money on having your rabbit neutered or spayed ensure you contact several veterinarians in your region to inquire about prices. Rural veterinarians, local rescues for bunnies, or local rabbit breeders may be capable of offering a lower-cost bunny alternative or recommend others who can assist you.

The article I wrote was on finding the best rabbit veterinarian which you might find useful.


Rural Veterinarians

As I said earlier that more rural vets typically did the procedure, making it less expensive. Nearly all of the less than $100 costs reported were in rural areas.

I reside in an area that is rural and have many acquaintances that are veterinarians. They are all wonderful people who love helping animals and their patients. Keep in mind that in this setting their main line of business will include a large animals.

Make sure to inquire with any rural veterinarian about their experiences with rabbits prior to going to the countryside.

But, if a journey to the country will help you to save hundreds of dollars in the long run, it could be worth the effort.

Animal Rescues / Shelters

A lot of rabbit owners who have reported lower cost to fix their pet said that they had the procedure completed at an animal shelter or rescue in the area.

These organizations are passionate to reduce the number of unwanted pets Many of them have a veterinarian on hand to offer these services at a discounted price.

Some organizations don’t have any employees, however, they do have connections with local vets, and they could be able to direct you in the correct direction.

Search for the local shelters for animals on Google and make sure to check whether you have local chapters of the SPCA which could also help.

Reach Out To Local Bunny Owners

Find out information from actual bunny owners, just as I did in this article.

The world has become much smaller with social media and the internet and you can use it in your favor.

Google to find the nearest 4-H club, and then look for that the “Rabbit Leader”. This is a person who assists youngsters learn how to care for rabbits and also shows them at local fairs.

This rabbit’s leader might be able to direct you to the most reasonable priced vets in your region.

Next, try Facebook. You can look up “Rabbits” where the blank begins local and becomes more general.

It is likely that you will be able to locate an association of local rabbit enthusiasts that might be able to assist you locate the best vet.

Then, fill in the blank with your city. Next, fill in your County. Finally Your State. If you aren’t able to find the correct group Be sure to look at nearby counties and cities.

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