How Long Will The Sun Last

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How can we even think about the sun in this way? Won’t the sun last forever? The reason science can consider this question is that we know the sun is simply a star, and this means we can compare it with other stars. And since other stars have gone through a process of change, science believes that the same will eventually happen to the sun.

How Long Will The Sun Last

At one time, in fact, it was believed that the sun was a  body that was slowly cooling off. It was simply “burning”. Now we know that if this were so, the sun could only have lasted several thousand years.

If it is not “burning”, then what is going on in the sun? We now have evidence that indicates that the sun’s radiant energy is the result of atomic transformations. The hydrogen atoms in the very hot interior of the sun combine to form helium. This sets free the energy which flows steadily from the inside of the sun to its surface.

How long can this go on? Well, let us suppose it goes on exactly as it is doing now for another 150 billion years. As a result of this process, the mass of the sun would be reduced by roughly I percent! So it seems that the sun can continue to shine and supply the earth with energy for many billions and billions of years to come.

What Year Will The Sun Explode?

In about 5 billion years, the Sun will start to run out of hydrogen in its core to fuse, and it will begin to collapse

What will happen to Earth when the Sun dies?

When the Sun dies in a few billion years (give or take), our whole planet will have to be re-established. All life on the planet will have to find new homes. Lots of people think that the Earth will be burnt to a crisp or turn into a ball of rock. However, we’ll be fine. We’ll live on in the stars.

What will happen to Earth when the Sun dies?

When the Sun dies, our planet will race towards the inevitable conclusion of our existence in a universe full of eternal darkness. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up hope: It’s possible that the Sun could be replaced by a new star that will keep the Earth alive. Scientists have proposed a number of ways to do this, and one of them involves the creation of a large ring of planets around the Sun.

Can we survive without Sun?

The answer to the question “Can we survive without Sun?” is unclear and controversial. This is because the Sun is essential to our survival, but it is not our only source of energy. In the past, an absence of the Sun would have caused mass extinction that would have been devastating to all organisms on Earth, but the biosphere has adapted to compensate. The main reason that an absence of the Sun would have caused mass extinction is because of the low efficiency of solar energy conversion.

How many more years until the Sun explodes?

The Sun’s surface temperature is 400,000 degrees Celsius, but its core is 5,800,000 degrees Celsius. It is known that by this time, there is a considerable amount of gas and dust that has been accumulating in the Sun’s atmosphere. We estimate that, by now, the Sun’s atmosphere has developed a diameter of roughly 3,500,000 km, which means that the Sun’s core has enlarged to roughly 5,500,000 km. It is this core that is most likely the source of the Sun’s explosive death.

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