Differences between King James Bible vs Catholic Bible

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The King James Version of the bible and the Catholic bible are both considered holy texts, but there are some major differences between the two. For example, Catholics believe that scripture should be interpreted literally, while Protestants believe that scripture should be interpreted more broadly. Additionally, Catholics include additional scriptures not found in the King James Version. These differences can lead to different interpretations of key religious doctrines.

There are many differences between the King James Bible and Catholic Bible. One such difference is the number of books in each respective bible. The Catholic Bible has seven more books than the King James Bible. These extra books are known as the Apocrypha. Another difference is that the Catholic Bible includes Deuterocanonical books, which are scriptures that were not included in the Hebrew Bible, but were later added to the Catholic bible. Finally, the order of some of the books within each bible is different. For example, Job is located after Psalms in the Catholic Bible, while it is located before Psalms in the King James Bible. Despite these differences, both bibles hold important scriptures that teach valuable lessons about God’s love for us.

Comparison between King James Bible and Catholic Bible

Parameters of ComparisonKing James BibleCatholic Bible
LanguageKing James Bible is translated from Hebrew and GreekThe Catholic Bible is translated from the original languages into English
Large printSmall scale printLarge print
BooksKJV has 66 booksCatholic bible has 73 books
DeuterocanonicalNot presentThe Catholic Bible contains seven deuterocanonical books
PopularMost popularMost popular

What is king James’ Bible?

The King James Bible is the most well-known and widely used English translation of the Christian Bible. It was commissioned by King James I of England, who wanted an authoritative bible for use in his kingdom. The work took six years to complete for £40,000. Scholars have noted that the language has been updated in some aspects since then but it remains one of the most important texts in Western society today.

The KJB is not only known because it’s one of our oldest bibles but also because it became a bestseller so quickly after its release! For many people, this version was their introduction to Christianity or religion as a whole—most notably when they were forced to read from it at school.

The King James Bible is a revered work that has been around for centuries. But what is it, exactly? This religious text was written in the early 17th century and is named after King James I of England. It’s considered to be one of the most important pieces of English literature ever created and contains scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments. The King James Bible has been translated into dozens of languages and is still read by millions today.

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What is Catholic Bible?

The Catholic Bible is a collection of books that Catholics believe to be sacred. It contains 46 books, which are arranged in two sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Catholic Bible includes 39 books of the Old Testament, which were written mostly in Hebrew (with some parts in Aramaic), and 7 books of the New Testament, which were written entirely in Greek. This article will explore what exactly these texts entail for Catholics as well as how they differ from other versions of the Bible used by Protestants. 

The Catholic Bible is a compilation of scripture that was assembled by Church leaders over centuries. The scriptures follow into two sections – one containing texts from before Jesus’ life on earth (the Old or “Old” Testaments) and one containing texts from after (the New or “New” Testaments). The Old Testament features 39 books, all of which were originally written in Hebrew.

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10 Differences between King James Bible and Catholic Bible

1. The Catholic Bible has more books than the King James Bible.

2. There are different versions of the Old Testament in both bibles.

3. The Catholic Bible is translated from Hebrew and Greek texts while the King James Bible was translated from Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.

4. In the KJB, a comma can be found after Genesis 1 verse 3 but not in the Catholic bible.

5. The New Testament ends with an additional sentence that reads “the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all”. 

6. In John 7 verses 53-8, there is no mention of Saint Joseph being Mary’s husband or father to Jesus in either bible version. 

7. The Catholic Bible is a translation of the original text into English, while the King James Bible is a translation from Hebrew and Greek.

8. In the Catholic Bible, three books don’t appear in the KJB – Tobit, Judith, and 1 Maccabees.

9. Genesis begins with “In the beginning, God created” in both versions.

10. The Catholic version contains seven additional Deuterocanonical books not found in Protestant Bibles- Baruch, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (also known as Sirach), 1 Esdras (or 3 Esdras), 2 Esdras (or 4 Esdras), Prayer of Manasseh, and Psalm 151.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of king James Bible

1. The King James Bible is the most expensive book in the world.

2. There are over 7 billion people in the world, but only 5% of them speak English.

3. The longest word found in the bible is Mahershalalhashbaz (8 letters).

4. It’s possible to make a living selling Bibles – there are about 3 million copies sold per year.

5. In 1611, when it was first printed, a copy of the KJV cost around $60 ($1,500 today).

6. There have been at least 150 translations into other languages since 1611.

Interesting Statistics or Facts of Catholic Bible

1. Catholic Bible is the second most printed book in the world.

2. Currently, there are more than 1 billion copies of the Catholic Bible in print.

3. The Catholic Church has been printing and distributing a bible since 1478 AD.

4. There have been over 5,000 editions of the Catholic Bible published. 

5. Catholics believe that they can receive forgiveness for sins by reading this bible.

6. In 1534 AD, Pope Paul III commissioned the first official version of this bible to be created.


The King James Bible is not as popular as the Catholic bible, but it does have several key differences. For example, the Latin Vulgate was used to translate many words from Greek and Hebrew into English. It also includes a different ordering of chapters than other versions do. Catholics may prefer this version because it has been part of their tradition for so long and they know its content well enough that they can glean meaning without additional study or research at first glance. However, those looking for an accurate translation would be better served by another option such as the New American Standard Version which uses more modern language along with advanced textual analysis tools to produce a text faithfully in both wording and context.


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